SYNOPSIS: Set in the rough-and- tumble backwoods of Oregon in the 1850s, where every man still took for himself, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is a delightful story about creating civilization in the wilderness. When Milly marries handsome backwoodsman, Adam, she has no idea she will be responsible for taking care of his six younger brothers as well. Milly quickly whips her rowdy brothers-in-law into shape, and shows them how to court and win beautiful mates of their own. But when Adam convinces his brothers to kidnap the girls they like, as the Sabine women were kidnapped, Milly’s plans go dreadfully awry. Bursting with energy, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers features lively choreography, rambunctious fun, heartfelt romance, and a score including “Wonderful, Wonderful Day,” the hilarious “Bless Her Beautiful Hide,” the fun filled Goin’ Courtin’, and the totally absurd “Sobbin’ Women.”


Adam: the oldest of seven brothers; a tall, attractive hunk, farmer and hunter, vigorous, confident, charming, falls in love with Milly

Benjamin: the second oldest and second in command, a driven leader who is as quick to be hot tempered as he is to leap into action, falls for Dorcas

Caleb: solid and smart, a hunter, the most levelheaded of the brothers, falls for Ruth

Daniel: rough-and- tumble, unkempt, talkative, falls for Liza

Ephraim: rough-and- tumble, unkempt, like a twin with Daniel but less talkative, falls for Martha

Frank: a hot head who always is ready to erupt, reluctant to do anything that might be classified as sissy, the most rugged and “uncivilized” of all the brothers, falls for Sarah

Gideon: youngest brother, shy, sensitive, honest to a fault, falls for Alice


Milly – marries Adam: feisty, beautiful, smart, strong willed, unafraid to say how she feels; has a vibrant sense of humor

Alice – with Gideon: sweet but very naïve and not too bright, excitable, and a hopeless romantic

Dorcas – with Benjamin: very flirtatious, works in her parents’ store, rebels against their overbearing nature

Liza – with Daniel: a homebody attached at the hip to Martha; they can finish each other’s sentences

Martha – with Ephraim: a bit of a goody two-shoes who does everything with Liza.

Ruth – with Caleb: a buttoned-down teacher, practical, a problem solver, mother to the group of girls

Sarah – with Frank: a gardener and “tom boy” raised in a family of boys; has a fiery sense of exuberance


Jeb (carpenter), Joel (blacksmith), Nathan (young lawyer), Luke (general store), Matt (blacksmith), Zeke (carpenter).

Mr. Hoallum: town mayor, owns the general store, Dorcas’ dad, protective of all the girls in town

Mrs. Hoallum: Dorcas’ mother, snobby and uptight, does not like Adam and his brothers

Mr. Sander: owns the local restaurant, Ruth’s father, gruff and grumpy

Mrs. Sander: Ruth’s mother, snobby and conservative

Preacher: Alice’s father, a peaceful and deeply religious man, dislikes confrontation

ENSEMBLE: Lumbermen (can be the suitors), Townsgirls (can be the brides), Townsboys


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