NameGenderPart SizeVocal PartAccent
Henry HigginsMaleLeadBaritoneBritish
Colonel PickeringMaleLeadBaritoneBritish
Eliza DoolittleFemaleLeadSopranoCockney
Mrs. HigginsFemaleSupportingLinesBritish
Mrs. PearceFemaleSupportingMezzo-SopranoBritish
Professor Zoltan KarpathyMaleSupportingLinesHungarian
Alfred P. DoolittleMaleSupportingBaritoneCockney
Freddy Eynsford-HillMaleSupportingTenorBritish
Mrs. Eynsford-HIllFemaleFeaturedBritish
2 BystandersMaleFeaturedLinesCockney
Lord BoxingtonMaleFeaturedBritish
Lady BoxingtonFemaleFeatured
Selsey ManMaleFeaturedLinesCockney
Hoxton ManMaleFeaturedLinesCockney
Queen of TransylvaniaFemaleFeaturedLines
1st Cockney/HarryMaleFeaturedQuartetCockney
2nd Cockney/JamieMaleFeaturedQuartetCockney
Mrs. HopkinsFemaleFeaturedBritish
3rd Cockney/GeorgeMaleFeaturedQuartetCockney
4th CockneyMaleFeaturedQuartetCockney
Maid (2)FemaleEnsembleBritish
Buskers (3+)Either or BothEnsemble
Servant (6)Either or BothEnsembleBritish
Steward (2)MaleEnsembleBritish
Footman 2MaleEnsembleBritish


We plan to audition only the roles of Eliza, Higgins, Pickering, Mrs. Higgins, Mrs. Pearce, Karpathy, Alfred P. Doolittle, Freddy, Harry, Jamie, the Quartet, the Trio, and the Servants.  All other roles will be assigned based on these auditions.

It Will Be A Definite Advantage to audition with both a British and a Cockney accent, depending on which roles interest you.

Teens and younger:  we can put some of you in the Covent Garden scenes and perhaps in the Get Me To The Church On Time number.  You also can audition as Buskers:  juggling, tumbling, acrobatic routine, balancing act



SYNOPSIS:  An uneducated Cockney girl from the streets who just wants to sell her flowers. When she runs

into phonetics expert Henry Higgins and the linguist Colonel Pickering, she becomes the subject of their

bet. Higgins must take Eliza in and turn her into a proper lady in six months by teaching her to speak well–

so well that she could be mistaken for a princess.  

ELIZA DOOLITTLE Blunt, practical, and responsible. Eliza tends to speak her mind and is not shy about making her opinion known. From a poor background, she makes the best of her situation, putting all her effort into whatever she does, whether selling flowers or learning proper pronunciation.

COL. PICKERING Retired British officer and the author of “Spoken Sanskrit.”

MRS. EYNSFORD-HILL A friend of Mrs Higgins and Freddy’s mother

MRS. HIGGINS Henry’s long-suffering mother

HENRY HIGGINS British, upper class professional bachelor, world famous phonetics expert, teacher and

author of “Higgins’ Universal Alphabet.”  Higgins studies all the vagaries of language, and considers himself one of the foremost experts on the English tongue. That’s what leads him to say that he could teach Eliza, a Cockney flower girl, to speak like a princess.  Haughty, intelligent, absent-minded, dreadfully rude, and arrogant.

FREDDY EYNSFORD-HILL Upper class young man who becomes smitten with Eliza

ALFRED P. DOOLITTLE Eliza’s father; an elderly but vigorous dustman

BARTENDER George, works the Tottenham Court Road Pub; 3rd Cockney in Quartet (?)

HARRY Drinking buddy of Alfred Doolittle; 1st Cockney in Quartet

JAMIE Drinking buddy of Alfred Doolittle, 2nd Cockney in Quartet

MRS. PEARCE Higgins’ housekeeper

MRS. HOPKINS A cockney woman of Tottenham Court

PROF. ZOLTAN KARPATHY A bearded Hungarian; former phonetics student of Higgins

BYSTANDER (2) Opening scene; one will be 4th Cockney in the Quartet (?)

BUTLER Higgins’ household employee

SELSEY MAN Opening scene, a bystander outside Covent Garden

HOXTON MAN Opening scene, a bystander outside Covent Garden

6 SERVANTS Higgins’ household:  S-S-A-A-T-B; sing The Servants’ Chorus; You Did It,

and 2 maids sing with Eliza in I CNumerous named roles that are non-speaking; the Ascot Races, Embassy Ball guests including the Queen of Transylvania and her escort, the Ambassador and his wife and Dr. Themistocles Stephanos, crowd in Covent Garden scene and in Tottenham Court, etc.: sings Wouldn’t It Be Loverly, With A Little Bit of Luck, Ascot Gavotte, Get Me To The Church on Time

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